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This is an ongoing problem because of the ease at which it is for dating sites like this one to pump out new sites, day after day.

You can read the full investigation of what we uncovered when we joined Ebony

But you can't communicate with anyone on Ebony Flirt unless you have an upgraded paid subscription.(Screenshot of 6 computer generated email messages.) Computer software programs can also be used and deployed to send computer-generated automatic instant messages.Using the same tactics you cannot read or reply to any instant messages unless you have a full paid membership.We have trouble understanding and believing this for one main reason and that is our member profile for this investigation was left empty.There should be absolutely no reason why would we we would receive 6 email messages (with more to come). Our profile was left completely blank with no photographs and very little personal data in our profile.

When you combine this with the fact that this website confesses that they use an automatic pop-up notification system you start to see a pattern here.

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