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He will find other survivors of the Apocalypse and learn more of the new world, but will he be able to learn more about himself too? This seems normal; but in reality, they were turned into their national animals! Now, he turns to the Goddess of the Moon, praying for her to show mercy upon him and to find it in her heart to give up one of her children to be his mate. However, he's given the chance to change all that with the appearance of a grumpy angel who will him to allow him to wish for anything, including changing himself. characters, Ger Ita with a few slight Spamano hints Who's ever wondered how the character songs were made and the other characters' reactions to them? Join the Hetalia characters as the attempt to record their many, many songs! Scandia's death has brought about an end to an era for his three sons; Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.Contains adult themes/language, crack, extremely stupid. Now they must cope without his guidance through one of the most volatile times in history: the era of the Vikings.This is the story of Lukas, his brother Emil, and the things forced to live in the dark. One day, Lukas never comes back to school, only to appear in the spring with a new uniform for the richest private school in town.Emil has never had a good life from what he can remember. With his heart broken, will Vladimir be able to forgive?(Well, he'd best believe it)Russia has been turned into a child again, but Ukraine and Belarus have been turned into children as well.England has made it his job to take care of them until they can be turned back to normal... Luciana Montgomery thought that it was just a joke her friend did.

But she doesn't know the lengths Steven is willing to go to in order to keep her alive.Now, instead of dying of cuteness, I'm dying of insanity. Feliciano wakes up in a destroyed city with no memory. But, when she's forced to live with him, its inevitable that she will find out about Haruka's 'secret'. You've been warned, disregard the emojis.))Ivan lives in a world where he has been raised by wolves his whole life and has never seen one of his own kind.He soon discovers that the city isn't exactly 'normal' and much creepier than expected, because there are these Nightmares, monsters that feed on humans... In the land of Eltilian five kingdoms coexisted in harmony, and each had been blessed with two precious children. For one of each of the children had been born with unnatural powers. Main characters Nor, Ice, Eng, Can, Amer, Pru, Ger, Rom, Ita. Haru Taka When attending the world meetings, it seems that a few nations don't turn up. He was always searching for another like him; even male, but Ivan has had no such luck. Italy wants nothing more than to make Germany happy, but it seems that no matter what he does, he just can't quite live up to Germany's soldier standards.She didn't know that the e-mail would actually give her Hetalia units. She only hopes her and her family's sanity would last. Feliciano Vargas, head medic of his corps, was just the "fluffwing," labeled useless by most.He'd always known he was a terrible flier, but when he crashed into Ivan Braginsky, his commanding officer, he was sure his wings had gotten him into major trouble. A fight with the Crystal Gems has left Peridot cracked within an inch of her life.

How's he supposed to help the over-worked, single father by himself? At Mathias's insistent begging, the rest of the Nordic Five decide to go visit this "new, bigger, totally badass" mansion of his and spend some vacation there.

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