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When archaeologists began the large-scale uncovering of the city a century ago, they found that there were cavities in the rock, left over from the victims.The plaster casts of the victims that have made Pompeii Italy's #1 visitor attraction.Their life stories have become a grand narrative of how to live joyfully in the present as if every day might be your last.In the long centuries of Christian Europe, when miserable conditions of life and religious repression conspired to minimize the expression of sexual longing, desire was driven underground to rise only momentarily during celebrations like Carnaval.

The community of Pompeii was finishing one the grandest bathhouse ever built when Mount Vesuvius exploded in 79 AD, giving us a remarkable view of a different way of living life.Nor was sanitation prized in France, where feces left in the halls of Versailles were carted away once a week.The citizens of Pompeii have been revealed as sophisticated, cultured people who enjoyed fine art, architecture, and the pleasures of the flesh.Thus, a Christian ascetic who crawled with vermin and reeked of body odor was venerated as a paragon of virtue.Public bathhouses were popular and well run, and expectant mothers even used them for baby showers, or festive lying-in baths, with their female friends.

download sites by country ||Read online Sweat bathing--be it in the form of the Finnish sauna, the Russian bania, the Turkish hamman, or an American Indian sweatlodge-- is as common to the world as the baking of bread and the squeezing of the grape.

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