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The space is narrow and I want to see that refrigerator blend in, not stick out like a mistake. A hickory, cherry or oak floor would have looked better to complement the the traditional style of the kitchen. It has got all the elements, cleft stone walls in the back ground, a fireplace, painted cabinetry, stainless steel, dark wood tones, concrete, granite.

The Magazine goes on sale from the 19 September 2007 through to the 16 or 17 of October unless sold out..

I can customize and show photo realistic rooms but even then it has it’s limitations.

Some designers have gone beyond 2020’s limitations by adding .gifs, animations, photoshop edits and so on.

even if they warmed up the walls with a little bit more color, a warmer white perhaps, this would still feel bright. This contemporary kitchen incorporates frosted glass horizontal bifold doors against the stained wall cabinet frame to keep things light. Light floors, dark cabinets, light counters and splash. The light honey blond of the floor and the light counter tops sets a beautiful counter point to the medium dark stain on the cabinets. This kitchen is beautiful but I would have suggested to the client they go a little further to complete the look. Folks, when you go this kind of expense, don’t skimp on the appliances.

I would have ordered a built in refrigerator and applied integrated panels on the doors. I would have gone with a shade or two darker and a wider plank.

But, sometimes you just want to play with ideas on your own.

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