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Even the new seat meant I could move around more, get my body into position for the turns.

OK, so I wasn't exactly in a position to get a knee down, but I'm sure it's readily possible for someone so inclined.

To do that, Gold Wing must be lighter, sharper, more efficient and way, way more progressive. It's also the world's first bike with Apple Car Play, but we'll get to that in a moment. There are a lot of numbers to toss around regarding the 2018 Honda Gold Wing, but weight is probably the most important.

The new bike is, on average, 90 pounds lighter than the old.

Few bikes carry more baggage than the Honda Gold Wing, and that's not thanks to the current model's expansive saddle bags and cavernous top trunk.

Since its introduction in the mid '70s, it rapidly pivoted away from the big sportbike template into the big mold, and as its fairings and panniers swelled so too did its reputation as a bike for Boomers -- a couch on wheels.

Connect your phone via USB (either in the trunk or the storage cubby in the tank), then pair your Bluetooth headset to the bike and the familiar Car Play interface shows up right there on the dash.Still, Twin Ring Motegi in Japan is an excellent locale for feeling just how much the new bike has improved over the old.I started on the outgoing Gold Wing and, dipping the bike into the first turn, it was pretty clear this would not be a good time. By the time I'd pulled out of the pits on the new bike I was convinced of the massive improvement.That now-retired bike, though powerful and smooth, delivers about as much feedback through the bars as a snowmobile does when crossing deep powder. The front end feels far more sharp, the steering light but reactive and before long I was scraping pegs with confidence.Braking, too, is encouraging, and acceleration far more brisk, all helped by that significant reduction in mass.

The bike is not only lighter but leaner, much narrower at the hips than before and frankly far more attractive.

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