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growing number of exotic destination seeking travelers are stealing away to Eastern Europe.

Packed with all of the Allure of the UK, France or Italy Eastern Europe arguably offers cities rich in culture and medieval architecture with just as much grandeur as Western European destinations.

An artsy yet traditional vibe exists in the city that appealingly permeates the litany of cafes, festivals and exhibitions that thrive there.

Some great things to experience in Sibiu are the Brukenthal Museum, andthe Crama Sibiu Vechi is the capital of Slovakia.

It’s historical center was built into two very pedestrian levels filled with most of Sibiu’s historical sites, colorful houses and cobble stone streets.Be sure to check out the Bratislava Castle and the Slavin Memorial for the best city views.Visit at Christmas and check out the traditional Market on the main square in the center of the city.Being equally enormous and ostentatious, it is a mind-blowing architectural feat trumped only in size by the Pentagon.Where there are many examples of Bucharest’s cultural and architectural splendor the highlights include the Romanian Athenaeum, an elaborately domed circular building that is the cities main concert hall, Bucharest University and the National History Museum Sibiu is a city in Transylvania, Romania that has a cultural magic all its own.

Colorful wooden cottages and bright boats in the harbor add to natural beauty that dominates here.

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