Most intimidating ground in england

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But stadium experts have analysed plans, photos and scale and the new total is widely accepted to be 114,000.

Home to the University of Michigan American Football team, originally built in 1927 at a cost of £850,000.

And their was no let up, the atmosphere reaching fever-pitch shortly before kick off, continuing throughout the entire game, a relentless mass of male bodies moving and chanting.

And it certainly worked, with a whole host of top European teams all failing to handle the atmosphere and leaving defeated.

Built in 1924 to house the University of Texas college ball team in Austin, the are plans in place to increase the size of the arena in the next ten years to become the biggest in the US, although no official capacity has been submitted.

It's like a gentle Sunday morning stroll down to the newsagents in comparison with trips to our 10 intimidating stadiums from around the world...Nicknamed ' The Horeshoe', the stadium in Columbus is home to Ohio State Buckeyes and the Ohio State University Marching Band.Built on the campus of the University, was also used as the home ground of MLS side Columus Crew until they moved into their own stadium in 1999.The crowd number is an unofficial number - with the actual number who bought tickets a mere 173,850.Sun Sport brings you the 20 biggest sports stadiums currently open in the world.

The develpoment is so big it will house an Olympic-sized swimming pool, three practice grounds and an indoor academy.

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