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Sites dating to this period have been discovered both in the Khangai and the Gobi Altai regions.

The second period began around 25 ka BP, but its terminal date is unknown.

The teaching goals of the week were to introduce the importance of site selection, skeleton plotting and cross-dating.

Site selection is important because a researcher needs to select the proper site to address the specific question they may be asking.

Skeleton plotting is a graphical method to crossdate samples.

On Saturday the 30th, poster presentations of fieldweek results were presented by the participants at the National University of Mongolia.

Afterwards, each student received a certificate of achievement and Polaroid photos of themselves at work and a group picture.

A special note: one of the highlights of the fieldweek was the press coverage.

The national TV news organization covered the opening ceremony and made a follow up visit midweek.

The goal of the fieldweek was to introduce the science of tree-ring analysis to young Mongolian researchers using the format set by the North American and European dendro fieldweeks.

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