Millionaire matchmaker dating rules

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We know you are busy – committed to your business and career, hence finding time to meet someone special is more of a challenge. Learn More Hi Louanne, I’m not sure how many good news stories you get, but I wanted to write to you today to let you know about ours.

RELATED: Patti Stanger Blogs: What You Can Learn from Bachelor & Bachelorette Breakups “What is going on here, this is the oddest thing,” he said he was thinking.

Patti Stanger has perfected the art of pairing pretty women with wealthy guys.

Cameras catch her in action on "The Millionaire Matchmaker," premiering Tuesday night on Bravo.

what it feels like to talk to someone who understands you. An exclusive confidential service for the busy professional. Read full story Hi Louanne, I have finally got the chaos of moving behind me and life is very pleasant.

Below you’ll find the three step process that starts you on your journey to finding love. A service that actually matches you up with someone who makes sense. Linda and I were wondering if you were free for an afternoon champagne on Friday.

"I have to diagnose their illness and find out why they're still single with all their money and looks," she says.

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