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This also helps shed a glimpse at what really makes the Millionaire lifestyles so unique, members can take a peek at the photos posted on the site’s “Upscale fashion show” and “Members’ luxuries” pages.The cost structure for the site can vary depending on the level that one chooses to enter.The site is filled with tons of wealthy professionals from doctors, lawyers, CEOs, professional models and even Hollywood movie stars amongst the roster of profiles.Over time, Millionaire Match has built a strong community of quality subscribers and developed a service that provides an easy and enjoyable experience for meeting new people.While there are many dating websites out there that claim to be legit and declare that they help one find love through wealth, none have as strong of a tract record as Millionaire Setting up a profile and becoming a member of the site is very simple.A profile can be posted for free after providing some basic information such as e-mail, address, age, location, gender and income.

The site is perfect for someone who is looking for a wealthy partner or for someone who is interested in meeting a millionaire.With this system, users must verify their age, photos, occupation and education by submitting a photo ID and other documents to the site’s support center.Members can also become certified Millionaires by submitting financial information in the form of a tax return from the last financial year, which shows earnings of over 0,000.While prices may vary, the current cost structure in US dollars for the site looks like this: Like any type of product or service, there are those who are skeptical of the service or who like to criticize certain features of the site.The biggest criticism of the site is that it requires you to provide personal information such as photo identification and personal financial information.

And, since we’re on the subject of income; income verification is one of the many perks of this site, allowing you to be sure that the men and women you date on the site are as wealthy as they state in their profiles.

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