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The most famous of these is arguably Z Gram #57, aptly titled “Elimination of Demeaning or Abrasive Regulations.” This document eschewed the “mickey mouse” policies of his predecessors, including the wearing of facial hair and beards.

According to the Z-Gram, Zumwalt felt “we must learn to adapt to changing fashions.” The CNO himself had a nice set of sideburns, worn at the mid lobe (the farthest you could go).

ciivil war, customs and traditions, facial hair, goat locker, moustache cpo, movember, navy chief, navy cpo, navy tradition, no shave november, sideburns, us navy, War of 1812, world war two, zgram, Zumwalt Every November, men around the world abstain from shaving to raise awareness of men’s health issues. The growing of moustaches and facial hair is however a time-honored tradition in sea service.

“Movember,” or “moustache November,” is now a global sensation, raising millions of dollars for awareness since it began over a decade ago. Today, the official position of all military branches is the same: no beards.

Notable author and Admiral William Sims served the First World War with a full white beard, one of the few to do so.The United States Navy has a glorious history of facial hair, sideburns, beards, and mustaches dating back to the War of 1812.The American Revolution: Clean-Shaven Patriots During the American Revolution, many sailors opted to keep their faces free and clear.Never before was there more facial hair in the military, for the Army and the Navy.You can blame it on long and tedious blockade duty or the style of the day, but the maintenance of facial hair in the United States Navy was bigger (and better) than ever.

The rest of the officers run the gamut of 19 The above photo of the USS Malvern is another interesting image.

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