Microsoft exchange smtp address not updating

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You next think, maybe I forgot to change it in the admin portal but nope, all your users are showing up correctly.

To understand how this works will require a little deeper understanding and some Power Shell.

Just replace with the alias you want to remove, and with the log location.

If you don't need logging just remove the Write-Output line ("Removed alias..."). --- $Mailboxes = Get-Mailbox -Result Size Unlimited foreach ($Mailbox in $Mailboxes) Is there a way to accomplish this without running the set-mailbox? Significant improvement of the external appearance of the skin.

Fortunately, it's easy enough to get rid of all these unwanted secondary aliases for that domain and not remove any mailboxes that have that domain as the primary account.

Simply copy the sample below, change the domain you want to remove, and run the file from a powershell console.

I am extending this incase needed for a long list of mailboxes : Step 1 : Created a CSV File with the name Primary Smtp Address, Remvoe_smtp Address [email protected], old [email protected], old [email protected], old [email protected] 2: Import CSV file (Primary smtp address and Removal SMTPAddress $MBXs = import-csv "C:\temp\kanta\csv" Step 3 : runthe below command to remove the required SMTP addreses from list of mailboxes as mentioned in csv file: $MBXs | foreach Please provide the feed back if usefull.

Something that can help and a product that we use and recommend during migrations is Mailscape 365.

An example would be the One final note: Although it is also possible to set up what's called an Alternate Login ID to cover for the fact that users will get confused, or that you may have an umbrella Office 365 domain for multiple subsidiaries with different email addresses, or you have legacy applications that mean you cannot change the UPN, there are caveats to using this feature – especially if you have a hybrid environment.

Goal: Remove any secondary/alternate SMTP addresses for an entire domain Difficulty: Easy Prerequisites: Administrative access to mailboxes In Microsoft Exchange it is easy enough to mistakenly add an smtp alias to every existing account when you add another domain to your Exchange Server.

We have 748 public Folders, and need a powershell script similar to the script in this post, many of our pf's have additional email addresses that we no longer own as secondary smtp addresses within each folder.

I haven't found anything online yet that solves this issue.

Mailscape 365 will continuously track all elements of your Microsoft infrastructure.

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