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But college had been in Wie's plans since she first visited Palo Alto at age 7.

She finished her communications degree in four and a half years and kept a full tour schedule.

"Remember when Barry Bonds was having his historic home run season?

" says Christina Kim, who was paired with Wie that day and has remained one of her closest friends in the game.

Many outsiders see her time at Stanford as an escape from expectations, a noble excuse for not achieving greatness.

Her positivity is relentless, much like the wind that nixes her afternoon plans of paddleboarding.

"These last few months have been horrible," Wie says, leaving the beach behind for a trip to the mall, "but I feel like I've turned a corner." THERE IS NO overstating how poorly Wie has played this year.

There isn't a critique that hasn't been turned over in her head countless times.

In golf, doubt can be catastrophic; negative thoughts have no place in a mind fixated on repeating a precise motion.

Through her first six LPGA tournaments of 2012, she earned $16,401 in winnings -- 6 percent of the $277,631 she made during the same time frame last year.

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