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As Historian Kate Clifford Larson states (Larson 2004: xvii) Tubman, who was enslaved on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, spent much of her adult life suffering from epileptic seizures that came as a result of a blow to the head by an angry overseer.She appeared to recognize at an early age that establishing the “right” relationships could serve useful to her later in life. As many of us have been told, she rescued hundreds of slaves from Southern plantations, and delivered them to freedom in Northern States and Canada. To be sure, while our teacher was right to tell us about Ms. Harriet Tubman is considered one of the greatest liberators to ever walk the planet. Tubman traveled with her Underground Railroad (UGRR) passengers through the South, and into the North during the night.Later in her journey, she was aided by another white woman who some believe was a Quaker, because “it was Quakers who gave escaping slaves the most aid” (Larson 2004: 84).Although not every Quaker was as sympathetic to fugitives, many were critical in providing social and financial resources to those in need and in “providing a groundswell of activism to end slavery throughout the young nation, in addition to establishing a loose network of like-minded individuals who could be tapped to help freedom seekers find their way north and provide support and shelter once they arrived” (Larson 20).With the assistance of an organized group of contacts she made during her childhood and early adult years, and the help of the North Star in the sky, she escaped from bondage when she was 27.

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Tubman built her network through two primary experiences.

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