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NET 2.0 Providers: Introduction Membership Providers Role Providers Site Map Providers Session State Providers Profile Providers Web Event Providers Web Parts Personalization Providers Membership providers provide the interface between Microsoft ASP. It also includes a base class named Membership Provider that defines the basic characteristics of a membership provider.NET's membership service and membership data sources. NET 2.0 ships with two membership providers: The fundamental job of a membership provider is to manage the data regarding a site's registered users, and to provide methods for creating users, deleting users, verifying login credentials, changing passwords, and so on. Membership Provider is prototyped as follows: The following sections document the implementation of Sql Membership Provider, which derives from Membership Provider. NET membership is designed to enable you to easily use a number of different membership providers for your ASP. You can use the supplied membership providers that are included with the .NET Framework, or you can implement your own providers.This requires additional processing for password storage and retrieval but is more secure, as passwords are not easily determined if the data source is compromised.passwords are hashed using a one-way hash algorithm and a randomly generated salt value when stored in the database.Now you can access error message ( Literal control ) and change it to display static message, or display dynamically changing messages from code.

passwords are encrypted when stored and can be decrypted for password comparison or password retrieval.Takes, as input, a user name, a password, a password question, and a password answer, and updates the password question and answer in the data source if the supplied user name and password are valid.The parameter is set to "user," then the users "user1," "user2," "user3," and so on are returned.To that end, Sql Membership Provider records an application ID in the Application Id field of each record in the aspnet_Membership table.aspnet_Membership's Application Id field refers to the field of the same name in the aspnet_Applications table, and each unique application Name has a corresponding Application Id in that table.

Because membership providers store user information uniquely for each application, you will need to ensure that your data schema includes the application name and that queries and updates also include the application name.

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