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Found 1800 feet (550 metres) above sea level, this natural volcanic lake is considered one of the most sacred Hindu places in Mauritius.The lake is also home to the largest annual Hindu festival outside of India, Maha Shivaratree.The Sugar Adventure is an interactive exhibition in the heart of an old mill.After your tour, sample special unrefined sugars and local rum.Situated in Cap Malheureux, a fishing village located at the Northern tip of Mauritius, the Red Chapel is a popular tourist destination and is a famous Roman Catholic Church, which overlooks the turquoise waters of Gunner's Quoin Island (Coin De Mire).

Find out at Gris Gris, the island’s most southern point, where unlike the calm lagoon waters found on 90% of the island’s coastline, waves splash high into the air as they crash against the rocks.

Almost half a million indentured labourers from India arrived in Mauritius between 18, and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Aapravasi Ghat pays tribute to these people, who went on to form a large portion of the island’s population.

Home to two of the world’s rarest and most valuable stamps – the Red one penny and the Blue two pence – this museum also recollects the fascinating history of Mauritius in a beautiful display of photographs, maps and historical artefacts.

A former private hunting reserve, Domaine de l’Etoile is one of the most beautifully preserved regions in Mauritius.

Wild animals and indigenous plants are found in abundance here – all you have to do is choose your preferred method of exploration: quad bike, buggy, horseback, mountain bike or your own two feet!

At 240 feet above sea level, Fort Adelaide was built by the British in a strategic location to look out for any incoming enemy vessels.

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