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When I was 23, my friend taught me one of life’s greatest lessons: Older women make decisions fast.

I don't think this topic is specific to either/ or gender. Also, if their relationship is a constant battleground, it's going to affect their responses to each other, sexually. When I was married I lost all interest in sex - because my ex-husband was so mean. It scared me at first because I did not know what was happening it was such a strong urge.I dunno i take offense to the fact you keep trying to SPEAK for women when you are not one ."If emotional needs are unmet, if little signs of affection are absent during the day, if issues within their day to day lives are unresolved .......after awhile, she's going to avoid intimacy .......he might go to bed and fall instantly asleep to avoid her too."Muskoka took the words right out of my mouth!It appears to be older men who have this mistaken belief that older women might not want sex because they don't like it.He made a point of telling me that his late wife didn't enjoy having sex with him. that we left the restaurant he started grabbing at my breasts.When I asked him what he thought he was doing, he said "Well, my late wife always gave in if I kept grabbing at her." (No wonder she didn't like sex - it was all about him, and done with the class of a 12 yo boy.) Of course, if a man or women had a bad marriage, sex would become a problem, because most of us don't like/won't have sex with someone we don't like. lol Just cause some of them (men) can't keep up anymore, does not mean we can't.. lol I think the older you get the more confident on what you like so sex is more enjoyable .

It simply means she was most likely bored with sex with you. He was so nice and gentlemanly via messages and phone calls.

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