Matt damon is dating

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It was love at first sight for the TV host — and his sight was set on an audience member.The funny man fell in love with Liza Powel as she watched him tape an episode of “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” in 2000. The “National Treasure”actor’s dating history includes big names like Brooke Shield and second ex-wife Patricia Arquette.Here are six other stars who dated their fans, and gave some hope to normal folks: Grammer hit it off so well with a fan he met in 2010 that he left his wife.

I was blown away by his commitment to me as an actor, he was cute and intelligent and altogether a really charming package.

I'm always really sad that we didn't stay friends because it was absolutely incandescent making that film.

It was a beautiful experience and I'm so proud of that time.

He may have jumped on a couch for her but Katie Holmes did her own fan-girling for Cruise during her teens way before she became famous.

While engaged to actor Chris Klein in 2004, the young actress told reporters: “ I think every little girl dreams about her wedding.

At this point they were completely unknown, but I had left drama school at 21 and made Circle of Friends (1995), Big Night and Sleepers (both 1996) and Grosse Pointe Blank (1997), which was just out and quite a big hit, so I was on a bit of a roll. Matt and Ben were about an hour and a half late for the audition and I was just sitting, waiting with Gus, who is so awkward when he doesn't know you.

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