Mathematical methods of the historical dating

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Dating it had always been tricky because not all of the pages come from the same date, with as many as 500 years between the oldest and youngest pages.

“There’s still some mystery about how all of these leaves got collected together,” says du Sautoy.

Centuries ago knowledge traveled with caravans between India to an area what we now call Middle East and back.

It were mathematicians (called philosophers) that traveled along and passed the knowledge to people at their destination.

The manuscript was first discovered by a local farmer in 1881, and was named after the village it was found in, in what is now Pakistan.

This means that the manuscript predates a 9th century inscription of zero on the wall of a temple in Gwalior, India, which was previously considered to be the oldest recorded example of a zero.But only the Indian dot that would eventually go on to gain true number status, first described in 628 AD by the Indian astronomer and mathematician Brahmagupta.“Some of these ideas that we take for granted had to be dreamt up.Wheeled vehicles first appeared in Mesopotamia (the region between the Tigris and the Euphrates Rivers ) around 3000 B. The wheels on the earliest vehicles were fixed to the axles rather than rotating around a hub.The axles themselves were held in place with wooden pegs on each side of the axle.

Mostly they stayed several years at a king's court and it was no exception that they changed courts from one king to another thousands of miles away.

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