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Consider that you’ve probably browsed through 500 men – most of whom didn’t interest you. Should each and every one of those guys feel hurt that you browsed them without making contact? Sometimes, we’re just browsing; other times, we’ve got our credit cards out and are geared up to buy.Online dating is filled with browsers and lookie-loos and people who have profiles but are not currently paying for the site.Founder and CEO Sean Rad is also reported to have told a conference that, every day, app-users make 10-million matches and 750-million swipes (more on that in a second), and spend an average of one hour with it.Here's a guide to understanding the latest iteration of how people meet people online. Tinder is an app you download on your i OS or Android device, and access using your Facebook account. Tinder's magic happens when the app recognizes that two people have swiped "yes" to one another.On a few occasions, I have written to these men to interact with them, but they have not written back.Some of them still continue to “hotlist” me even weeks later. Somewhere that you store food that you’re not planning on eating right this second? A pantry to keep track of all the lovely ladies who may have caught their eyes while browsing. This is a huge problem with online dating and I only know because I’ve experienced it myself.

Within minutes of first using the app, you're ready to see who's out there without even having to consider your pained opening line. Tinder has somehow turned a crude concept into its touchstone appeal.(The platform is completely mobile.) You're fed a photo stream of potential matches from the database, selected using a basic set of search parameters: age, gender and distance from your location. At this point they've created a match, and only then will Tinder allow them to chat. Let's consider what it's not: It's not time-consuming.Its premise is based on swiping left or swiping right: Say you load a picture of a local gent named Cliff, 29. Beyond that, the only morsels of information available are any mutual Facebook interests (we might like the same neighbourhood bar) and mutual Facebook friends. By using Facebook to log in, Tinder bypasses the agonizing process of crafting the perfect profile, which is often the biggest barrier to online dating.Being put on a hot list is better than not being put on a hot list, but, in and of itself, the gesture means very little. You haven’t been eliminated from contention, but there’s no guarantee you’re going to get an email. You go on, see that you’ve been browsed 518 times, but you’ve only received three emails and five winks.This registers in our brains like this: 510 people just rejected me.

And if those women don’t pan out, maybe he’ll work his way down to you. They’re completely unwieldy and completely unconsidered. It’s like men are highlighting lines in a particularly riveting textbook that they’ll probably never read again. If you’re frustrated at online dating, you only have two choices: keep going or quit and hope that you meet your soulmate in “real life”. Heck, you can even get FREE dating advice just by signing up here and reading to your heart’s content. Imagine how little you’d get upset because you knew what was really going on, and how to persevere anyway.

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