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Post-Race While everyone that finished the race was relaxing and celebrating, I had to immediately turn my attention to recovery and preparation for the next day’s race.I found some plastic bags, filled them with ice, and iced my ankles, knees, hips, and lower back.I even considered skipping one or both of the races if my injury bothered me enough.I arrived at my hotel early on Friday and spent most the afternoon and night relaxing, stretching, icing, and preparing my gear.Background For many triathletes from Washington, DC and the surrounding area, the Rumpus in Bumpass weekend was their first race of the 2012 season.

The entire 6.2 mile run course was hilly and completely off the paved roads, either through the grass or on dirt roads and trails covered with rocks and gravel.

I wasn’t happy at my job and I faced a lot of adversity in 2011.

My energy and motivation were inconsistent, I was not properly managing my stress or time, my diet and sleep patterns were inconsistent, and I suffered a lot of nagging injuries.

I thought I would have an advantage since I had been training in the heat for a couple months prior but the Virginia heat still affected me.

While my run was slower than I anticipated, my swim and bike were faster than my estimates and I ended up finishing with a time of , which set my new Olympic Distance PR.

I had an awesome first year of racing in 20 was definitely my “sophomore slump.” I vowed to make the 2012 season my best season yet and to use the disappointments from last year as the fuel to my motivational fire.

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