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Maria was praying during Adoration and told God that she wanted to give her life if it was His will.

Tensions were building in Spain between those who supported the new government, which was democratic yet extremely anti-Catholic, and those who protested the government’s anti-clerical measures.

When Angela’s family circumstances improved and her parents agreed, she entered as a postulant in the Congregation of the Zealous Sisters of Eucharistic Adoration.

Most of these are apartment buildings with stores or restaurants taking up the ground floors.

They danced in the chapel, destroyed statues, and brought sacred images out into the street to be broken or burned. Maria wept when she saw such precious objects destroyed before her very eyes, and she could do nothing to save them.

She told one of the other sisters hiding in the same building that she did not fear for her life, but to see the chapel and sacred objects profaned caused her much suffering. Maria of the Angels, they determined where her body had been buried once it was found, and they had it moved to a cemetery that belonged to their Congregation.

There is a charming flower shop, two modern art galleries, a high-end dress store, and a men’s casual clothing boutique.

At the very end of this street lies a building that takes up the entire corner of the block, and the only clues that it is a convent are the pointed arches that line the chapel windows and the sisters dressed in grey who occasionally come in and out of the convent doors.

Her younger sister once related a conversation she had with Angela: “She was reading to me about the martyrdom of the early Christians in the Roman Circus, and she said: ‘how wonderful to die that way, what joy! Besides this work, she helped her mother run the household and she was especially attentive to the education and care of her younger siblings, who later recalled that Angela treated them as if she was their own mother.

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