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The book he holds is probably intended to represent the rules of the order.

Between the two figures, floating in a mandorla above a sarcophagus and accompanied by cherubim and music-making angels, is the Virgin, her head bowed, her hands clasped. 33, mention it as in the convent church of Santissima Trinità in Cortona and attribute it to either Francesco Signorelli or Bartolommeo della Gatta; identify the saint on the right as Benedict.

[Joseph Archer] Crowe and [Giovanni Battista] Cavalcaselle. The proposed date of execution is 1493–96.[Keith Christiansen 2012] probably church of San Michele Arcangelo, Cortona (suppressed in 1809 and all property transferred to Santissima Trinità); convent of Santissima Trinità, Cortona (in 1860); [Elia Volpi, Florence, in about 1927]; [J. Goudstikker, Amsterdam, until 1929; sold to MMA] Amsterdam. Tags: Born in Italy, Born in Sicily, Canonized Pre-Congregation, Died in 995, Died in Italy, Name Luca, Name Luke, Saints who were Abbots, Saints who were Monks Category: Saints Beati and Venerables | Tags: Beatified by Pope Pius XII, Beatified in 1951, Born in Vietnam, Canonized by Pope John Paul II, Canonized in 1988, Died in 1859, Died in Vietnam, Martyred by Tu-Duc, Martyrs of Vietnam, Member of the Dominicans, Name Luca, Saints who were Lifelong Lay People, Saints who were Married, Saints who were Martyrs, Venerated in 1951 Category: Saints Beati and Venerables | Twice refused admission to the Capuchins, but was finally accepted in 1690. His first sermons were miserable but he overcame that, too, and became a famous and sought after preacher. One day while they were travelling to Nicosia, one his monks tried to play a trick on the blind abbot by telling him that some towns-people were following them in hope of hearing him preach.Sought after home missioner in the Italian regions of Calabria and Naples, performing miraculous healings and converting thousands. Lucas stopped, turned to where he was told the people were standing, and began to preach to the empty field.

The only child in a wealthy family, Lucas learned about Christianity from a person he met while on the road to study in Seoul, Korea.

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