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I wanted to throw up the first time I was on stage! Although I’ve done dancing in the past, like contemporary, jazz and tap, stripping is clearly very different. Sometimes dancing on stage can actually feel good while you’re up there because feeling desired is a good feeling, especially when you’re getting tipped for it.

UP CLOSE & PERSONAL Moving away from the thumping bump n’ grind music, bare flesh and beauty products, I sit down privately with one of the girls, who will remain anonymous, before she starts her 9pm to 5am shift.

I made sure I spoke one on one with a lot of the girls that work here to see what they thought about it. I came from working 60 to 70 hours per week, so to be able to just work three nights a week and earn triple for about15 to 20 hours of work per week, I would say that’s probably the best thing. But, he understands that there’s a goal at the end of it. I want to own my own business in hospitality and I’d also love to travel. Do chores around my house, eat lunch (or breakfast as I like to call it) and then start getting ready about pm.I know how to perform and put on a show, but to take off your clothes? You’ll find a lot of girls don’t do a lot of pole work; they’ll do a lot of poses and look sexy that way. HAVE YOU EVER HAD PLASTIC SURGERY OR FEEL PRESSURE TO ‘GO UNDER THE KNIFE’? I’ve always wanted a breast augmentation, but I’ve wanted that since I was 16 and I’m now 23.But, that’s a personal thing; I don’t feel obligated.There are some nights where I have fun and I’ve made really amazing girlfriends here. You can’t come into your workplace with a bad attitude.Honestly, if you’re not in a good mindset, you won’t enjoy it here.

Lined with full length wall mirrors and baby pink lockers, plastered with stickers like ‘Girls rule, boys drool’, the girls seem unfazed as we enter the room, casually continuing to hand-lather bronzer on their toned naked bodies, amongst a faint smell of hairspray.

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