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Barbara Carle’s “nurturing personality set the stage for us,” said Carle Museum executive director Alexandra Kennedy at the start of the evening’s award proceedings. Forbes and Lydia Forbes were the Carle Honors cochairs.

Illustrator/author David Macaulay, a 2010 Carle honoree who introduced this year’s celebrants, then took the stage.

Located in Amherst, MA, the museum collects and presents exhibits of picture books and picture book illustrations from around the world, as well as offering educational programs.

The night was dedicated to Barbara Carle, educator, wife of Eric Carle, and cofounder of the Carle Museum, who passed away on September 7.

Paintbrush in hand, Macaulay took to the white gallery walls, creating giant illustrations in swaths of black paint.

Bertin was the first to be recognized, with a Bridge honor, given to individuals who have “found inspired ways to bring the art of the picture book to larger audiences through work in other fields,” according to the award description.

Cotsen, her 13-year-old son, Noah, and his friend, Christopher Doering, before shooting them in the head.

Tali was found dead in his home in Brussels, Belgium, on Oct.

15, 1979, the day he was to be questioned by Beverly Hills detectives.

Bertin, NCAC’s executive director since 1997, said in her speech that it is “a privilege to have a job that supports the freedom to read.” She noted that while adult gatekeepers often like to keep books involving sex, drug use, and other material they find objectionable away from children, “reading these books actually helps kids,” a conviction that fuels her anti-censorship work.

(FSG, 2003), by Amy Timberlake and illustrated by Adam Rex.

Representatives for the Costen Children’s Library will accept the “Angel Award”at a ceremony this Thursday, Sept. The award, one of four awards presented annually by the museum, recognizes the generous financial support that is crucial to making illustrated children’s book art exhibitions, education programs, and related projects a reality.

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