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Design the List View control with Layout Template, Item Template, Insert Item Template, and Edit Item Template. We will have a dropdownlist for binding the list of available departments in Insert Item Template and Edit Item Template. The example discussed in this article uses lazy loading to load the related data(Department Name). here is the code from the aspx page: Protected Sub have To Offer Linq Data Source_Selecting(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. Linq Data Source Update Event Args) Handles have To Offer Linq Data Source.Which represent a customized view of data for different data operations such as sorting, filtering, etc.The Data Source View class serves as the base class for all data source view classes, which define the capabilities of data source controls.The following code snippet provides the basic syntax of the control: Configuring various data operations on the underlying data depends upon the various properties (property groups) of the data source control.The following table provides the related sets of properties of the Sql Data Source control, which provides the programming interface of the control: The Object Data Source Control enables user-defined classes to associate the output of their methods to data bound controls.

Based on type of data, these controls could be divided into two categories: Data source views are objects of the Data Source View class.

In Part1, we have seen the basics of LINQ to SQL classes and the tools (LINQ to SQL designer) for generating LINQ to SQL class in Visual Studio 2008.

Also, we have binded List View control with LINQDatasource control and provided edit, update, delete and insert feature using LINQDatasource control.

These are the tools that provide data to the data bound controls and support execution of operations like insertions, deletions, sorting, and updates.

Each data source control wraps a particular data provider-relational databases, XML documents, or custom classes and helps in: There are many data source controls available in ASP.

The programming interface of this class is almost same as the Sql Data Source control.

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