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NET developers to work with relational data using domain-specific objects.” Essentially, it is a layer between your application code and your database which maps your C# classes to database tables.

Previous to Entity Framework, you would have used ADO. Entity Framework 6.1, in particular, introduced a Mapping API which exposes the internal object-to-entity mapping schema.

In a previous article I discussed performing bulk updates with Entity Framework.

NET using some additional code which will be included in this article.

The next article will focus on Update, and the third article in the series will cover two different types of bulk inserts.

All of the public methods presented here are extension methods on either is really a Db Query , it has a private Internal Query property which is an internal type used by LINQ.

The final piece of the puzzle is the Get Select SQL method, which takes the Object Query and turns it into a parameterized SQL statement.

The code that follows uses Microsoft’s LINQ Dynamic Query library described in Scott Guthrie’s blog.

As the number of out of stock products in the Products table grows, the number of SQL statements executed grows.

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