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Overall impression I’m still unsure this site will actually happen.

And the whole idea of a website meant to garner green cards still seems sketchy. Maybe Maple Match will make a surprising meteoric rise in the dating scene.

I tried to reach out to Maple Match on May 19 for details on a possible timeline, the demographics of those who had signed up so far, if Canadians were signing up in proportion to Americans… I tried again on June 2, and then a third time on June 15.

I’ve heard nothing, even though they post to social media frequently.

It functions more as a forum for like-minded people to network.

While many received media attention, no reporters I’ve seen have taken the plunge and offered an inside look.

Worst part(s): N/A …Best part(s): N/A …Overall impression Okay, so technically this doesn’t count since there really is no website for Clinton specifically.

But hey, Trump might argue that there’s already one in the form of Ashley

While I wouldn’t put all my hopes into finding a potential spouse on here, the vibe is very relaxed and comfortable for anyone looking to network.

Back to top Being a Hillary supporter obviously doesn’t translate into having a vibrant dating life.

He’d ask me questions like: What do you do for a living? If my intuition is any good, I’d say he was one of those Ghanian catfishers who scam 65-year-old women out of their retirement funds on Dr. Best part(s): The people and the feel The design is pretty clean.

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