Lee dong gun han ji hye dating

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He's acting between a crazy tyrant and in love with somebody he can't have was spot on, and i because of that, i am a fan now He deserves another excellence award for his role in Queen for Seven Days. ok i read all the comments below and i can't stop laughing when i read "Hapsari" comment...ahahaha.seems obvious not only me that want king yung live happily ever after with chae gyung.

hope we will see more lee dong gun acting in a future, more unique characters with great storyline. I enjoyed watching you and your co-star Jo Hoon-Hee(now your wife) in The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop via You Tube. In Q7D, you make me wanna going to south korea, stealing the script and change the ending so that chae kyung will be yours. Good job dude I'm a real fan of Lee Dong Gun and Jo Yoon Hee.

So she tracks down her first love, Kim Yeol, and makes sure to turn him into the best dad ever, all done in order to ensure her daughter’s successful future.

he told his fans that her ideal girl is SHG..after that... that's what i've heard from other forums..i dunno if it's true or just a rumor... Bi said that his ideal girl is someone like SHG but he did not specifically say it was her nor did he ever court SHG at all.

he answered the requisite "WE' RE JUST FRIENDS" Edited by francesca, 19 October 2005 - PM.

Yes, Lee Dong Gun and Han Ji Hye are dating for real. is not allowed anymore.us/img448/7418/hjhldg1i dunno if t's just a rumor..i know that on BI's bday party just this year... I really think hyun bin and her have intense chemistry despite the age difference... rumor has it that the two have broken up and the reason is because of the guy being enlisted in the army....

I call them cardboard box dramas because they have a structure/appeal that makes you wanna watch it, but once you sit on the box you realize that there wasn’t really anything in it to begin with.

this is more like a publicity stunt for my BF is type B.

But latest news is that he will be making his comeback in May.

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