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Their elder son Houssam, born in 1999, was due to arrive in Paris separately from London.'Hariri does not want to mix his children up in this affair,' the source said.Hariri, who along with Saudi officials has repeatedly denied that he was being held under house arrest in Riyadh, hammered home the message just before his departure.'To say that I am held up in Saudi Arabia and not allowed to leave the country is a lie,' he said in a Twitter post.Hariri and his wife, who flew in overnight from Riyadh and were whisked to their Paris residence under tight security, were due to meet Macron at noon.They arrived without their children, with the younger two , Loulwa and Abdelaziz, born in 20, staying behind in Riyadh 'for their school exams', a source close to Hariri said.

When her order faced a crisis, god told her "You will remain a nun." And she heard the voices of saints directing her to enter the Lebanese Maronite Order. Sister Rafqa took her solemn vows in the new order on Augist 25, 1872.By all accounts, her childhood was happy and simple, until she was just 7 years old and her mother, Rafqa (for whom she was named) died.The death of her mother started a period of tribulation for Rafqa and her father, who soon experienced financial difficulties.She was baptized on July 7, 1832 and named Boutroussieh.Her parents were devout Christians and taught her daily prayers.

Hariri speaks from France, I would consider that he speaks freely,' Aoun said.'But his resignation must be presented in Lebanon, and he will have to remain there until the formation of the new government.'France's intervention was the latest in a string of European efforts to defuse tensions over Lebanon, where divisions between Hariri's Sunni bloc and Shiite Hezbollah have long been a focal point in a broader struggle between Riyadh and Tehran.

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