Le bron james mama dating teammate

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), get angry, blame you or go into complete denial mode and shut their eyes & ears. That's a whole other level of "sleazy, embarrassing, crack-head, demonstrative 'for-all-the-world-to-see' type manner .

And also, there are the trends and fads that people follow. ER, the fact that they were doing it on the down low and keepin' it personal does not excuse her horrid sexual behavior and antics with his co-worker and is not the point that me (or Huey) are talking about.

So when I read about Le Bron/Mom/Delonte, I know first hand how that really affects someone and no amount of "big boy boxers and get over it" will ease the pain that it causes. It can be a life long game-changer because the very person you trust the most (your mother) violated an "unwritten" sacred bond between mother and son. (And same explanation, please.) That they're both wrong? I'm NOT judgin those who do...sayin what I wouldn't do....all So you did! IMO, the whole husband/wife/spouse/cheating stuff ... None of which, IMO, comparatively applies to this situation!! with a life of his own (or at least he should have by now!!! and that Mommy is forever Mommy in a child's heart and mind. Or you can subsitiute a guy for a girl in the situation with your father.Forget about who Le Bron is as a a highly paid, famous professional athlete, think of him as the 25 year old son of Gloria James and what she did to him personally as the son of her own flesh & blood.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Quote by ER: "LOL ... Or is it just that Le Bron is somehow an injured party?? I mean I know they are two consenting adults...but! And I'm just NOT the "cougar" type I guess cuz I wouldn't dare date one of my sons' friends, peers, co-workers or associates. Although many of my colleagues would date someone 20 years their junior in a hot second. And feel that I would be going into homeboy's mother womb just to get a date. Regardless of Le Bron's feelings about his mother (which I'm not trying to minimize .. But ...) the thought that he should have a say in (let alone any control over) his mother's sex life is rather ludicrous to me! Same person comes home, hear all the "ooh ahh" goes up stairs opens the door and sees mom and your boy gettin' it on. If the parent(s) comes home and catches the son or daughter bangin the best friend for the quicke or in bed, moms or dad would have a straight fit, angerly end that friendship and try to kill her son/daughter.yeah, like y'all's book is all filled with nothing but righteousness and good intentions"ER, you're right. I'm still not understanding exactly where you're having a problem with this!?! It's like being in the maternity ward....waiting for her to drop him out. There would be no "I'll be downstairs when you're finished, have fun" or "let's just calm down, sit down and discuss this new arrangement" type thing to ensure that our "new reality" will work for all parties.or for the relationship between Mom and son .son and teammate. And, yes, he is entitled to the kind of "SHOCK & AWE" that such a revelation would bring. have his little world flipped upside down for minute ... That the relationships on both sides of him should have been the "just say no" factor to have stopped any liaison between the two? People make those kinds of decisions all the time .. or however long it takes for him to realize that his Mom IS an adult, an individual, a grown woman (with desires) capable of making her OWN decisions ...

Our manuals got plenty of "that's just wrong" bullshyt but I don't think that this is one of them. In today's society (as in the sexual free 60's), it seems that it's all about "sexual freedom and what I want when you want it" once again and it trumps all else and if anybody gets hurt in the process. You're suppose to be understanding despite the circumstances and that includes family. A lot less of accountibility and responsibility today.

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