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To us, this meant thinking about live chat more than just messaging.The TV special "La Corda D'Oro ~secondo passo~" (subject to change) have been confirmed by the official website for spring airing.Scream stuck in her throat, when he grabbed her legs, pulled off her pants and started sticking his stiff cock between her clenched lips.Our mission was to do the impossible: to develop a chat solution that could drive 3x more chat conversions.(I first heard about it after listening to the game's beautiful soundtrack).The official site for this anime just opened here, though there isn't much there yet. The trend will continue ~ ^_^ Official site now has content! Voice cast: Takagi Reiko (main character) Itou Kentarou Kishio Daisuke Fukuyama Jun Taniyama Kishou Morita Masakazu Mizuhashi Kaori The opening theme will be done by Kanon.Starting a thread for the Kiniro no Corda anime that will be airing later this year!

I suppose the abundance of bishies made me think this was going to be another Angelique, but the character of the protagonist Kahoko really stands out, due to the wonderful voice acting job by Takagi Reiko (probably most famous for her Kaolla Su role in Love Hina).The animation can only seek to improve, especially with the instrument playing scenes (or else it'll just be compared to ENOZ from Suzumiya Haruhi).With Yoshida Reiko in the wings as the series composer, I can only be optimistic about the future storyline.And the fairy Lili wan't as annoying as he looked like, although being voiced by Mizuhashi Kaori definitely had Aria-shachou percussion going through my head.Best of all, the music is promising, starting out with the wonderful opening song by Kanon.

Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it.

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