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I mean, with the exception of one show that I declared a “No-Trump Tuesday,” there wasn’t one night of the year leading up to the election where we didn’t talk about politics.

So, for me, it’s always just a matter of what people are talking about and commenting on and what’s going on in the news.

So, realistically, how much of a difference do you think you made? He got four months of abuse in the parking lot of his kid’s school.

I used to beg Katie to go to sleep, almost in tears, just so I could take a nap.

There’s definitely been a shift in my feeling about the country over the last year or so. I don’t know — maybe a lot of it is media hysteria, but I go to bed worried and I wake up worried, and I honestly don’t know if things are going to be okay. I remember joking about it: If you tried to think of the most extreme example of someone who would never be elected president, Trump was a name you’d throw in there. We’re in a similar situation: Everything Donald Trump is doing and undoing is bad, bad, bad, and it seems so obvious, and it’s happening anyway. I was at a U2 concert, and there was a person in the audience that had a vanity license plate that said U2 FAN, and I thought, .

I worry that we’re going to look back at Donald Trump almost fondly because someone worse will come after him. There was a time when I thought this country was much more likely to elect You’re not alone in that. Whether it’s true or not I don’t know, but you were believed to have had a bipartisan audience. Have you alienated everyone on the right who was watching ? So I became interested in personalized vanity plates, and I learned that you can buy one for somebody as a gift.

Those were their decisions to make — courageous decisions as members of the Republican Party. I’ve got to tell you, people come up to me and say, “Thank you for speaking out on health care.” If I’m in public, it happens 30 times in a day. When I was in sixth grade, I wanted to play the trombone, but I thought trombones were called clarinets and signed up for clarinet class.

I got to class and saw that some of the kids had clarinets.

Now that you’ve spoken out on gun control and health care, are you being inundated with requests to advocate for other issues? I’m overwhelmed with requests to speak or be honored.

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