Kelly and dylan dating

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Well, I'm happy to report that the girls are still in touch and dare I say it, even friends!Shannen even watches Tori's reality show and can't wait for Jennie's to debut later this month."In general, you know, we have so much hatred and anger out there as it is, why add fuel to the fire. And I think it's incredibly charming and endearing and I can't wait to see Jennie's show.And they don't consider that, you know, I have grown up and that there is a softer more vulnerable side or they don't consider what was behind some of the antics when I was very young.And I mean that doesn't really do them justice nor myself justice."*I watched the first episode and there's no way to sugar coat it--misconceptions or not--Shannen But, there was no way that I was going to have this opportunity to talk to Shannen Doherty AKA Brenda Walsh and not get to hear her talk about that character.I was almost fourteen when the show premiered so this was my first glimpse at the decision making process behind losing your virginity and the consequences that follow. Like I said, I was young and *90210* had a real impact on me. And we would never do something like that scenario was back then."What guys, it gets better. "I actually remember getting that storyline and being incredibly upset about it.So, I couldn't believe it when Shannen was asked THE question that has been on my mind ever since this scene shattered the relationship between Brenda, Kelly and Dylan forever: [#iframe: CSIRYUE](420x315)The question was . .whose side did you understand more, Brenda or Kelly's? And it wasn't because Brenda was losing Dylan.

David doesn't know where he will live after his father moves out of Jackie's house.

couple, Luke Perry and Jennie Garth, are falling in love in REAL LIFE!

After ten years, there wasn't a pairing Aaron Spelling and Co.

Guys, I never in a million years thought Shannen would answer. But, not only did Shannen have an answer--she revealed how deeply that break-up affected her."I have never been asked that question. I understand Brenda's side and it's not just because I played her. I thought that it was really wrong that we were putting that out there, that we were saying, ' Yes, it's okay for a best friend to fall in love with her best friend's boyfriend and cheat with him.' Where's loyalty, where's friendship?

It's because I think it speaks to me as a human being. And isn't loyalty the most important thing in this world?

News decided to take on the daunting task of ranking all the best couples to come out of Fox's seminal classic—and it was no easy feat.

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