Keep windows from validating word

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The document template.- Word no longer adheres so religiously to its template folder locations as did earlier versions.If you were using a document template filed somewhere other than the designated User templates folder when Word crashed, then you will need to remove the temporary file associated with the template in that folder. The Word Startup folder - This folder contains templates used for add-ins.A traditional Windows installation will, in fact, reformat your hard drive and reinstall Windows from scratch.In doing so, it will erase all of the other software on your machine... However, what I suggest you try is a repair install.The thing to do in situations like that – when you get a download as your distribution of any software (be it Microsoft Office or anything else) – is to save the file that you downloaded; pretend that is your master copy of the software... So, the thing to have done back then would have been to save it in a safe place: But whatever – save the original installation download!In reality, that's your original installation media: what we refer to when it comes to installation time.

Start setup and choose upgrade, Windows will check all the system and make sure all the upgrades are correct but will not loose any pro grammes.

This same shortcut will work with Internet Explorer but not other browsers. Windows will not allow you to delete anything actually in use; however if Windows has locked the files, and certainly with Windows 95/98 if anyone is still using these old systems, you must reboot first to free the locked files.

Given that the crash may have left the machine in an unstable condition, this is not a bad plan in any case.

If you have Office 2010 you could try downloading a trial version of Office2010 and validating it with your key.

I'm not sure if your key would work on that version, but if you are forced to do a fresh install of Windows, it might be worth a try.

Configure Explorer to display hidden files and the extensions of know file types.

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