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You end up ‘sleep surfing’, where you lie in bed, dipping in and out of fitful, restless sleep.

So you nap when you can, switch the alarm to snooze mode and skip nights out to go to bed ever-earlier in your attempts to catch up on lost sleep.

This means you are likely to be even more tired during the day than normal — but just for a few days.

I can assure you any discomfort will be short-lived, and your life could change irreversibly for the better.

If you do, take a moment to work out whether this is realistically manageable for the next seven days, and perhaps delay until you can take a few days off work to focus properly on your insomnia.)1.

Work out how much sleep you actually get each night.

This is because extending the time you spend in bed makes sleep more shallow and, therefore, less potent in terms of providing adequate mental and physical rest.

And the shallower the sleep, the more vulnerable you are to being woken up.

The result will give you an average total sleep time in minutes.

That’s another reason why we’ve left this very important step to the end.

In order to truly personalise this part of the plan, I need you to have completed a week’s worth of diary entries.

It may sound counter-intuitive, but trust me on this.

The idea behind so-called sleep rescheduling is that, by consolidating your sleep, you effectively concentrate and condense it to ‘thicken’ it and toughen up the vulnerability points.

(And if you’ve been following my plan and have already dramatically improved your sleep, then you don’t need to try it.)The aim is to achieve perfect sleep — the sort of sleep duration and quality that you might have enjoyed before insomnia blighted your life.

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