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Variations of items thrown at the contestants include baggage and boxes on "Unclaimed Baggage" (known for housing John Henson), beach items and wet towels on "Beach Party", stuffed animals, pillows and feathers on "Sleepytime".

The round is played in four rounds with the last standing person on the spinner in each round moving on.

Contestants who have wiped out after reaching the "P", the "E", or the "U" may return to those points instead of starting the entire course over.

However, only the best 3 times went on, rather than the usual four.

The "Slippery Course", is similarly formatted, but uses a water slide instead of spinning the contestants.

The Dreadmill is replaced by "The Rocket" or "bucking bull" which has the contestants ride a mechanical bull dressed up to resemble a rocket.

The contestants will start at the "W" and the first one to the "T" wins.

During an episode, contestants compete through four rounds of competition until a final winner is chosen.

During this round, it was merely an endurance event. Season 3 uses the "Circular Challenge" a circular, individually run, time based obstacle which circles around a central podium.

This course always has a theme such as "One-Ring Circus" (Clowns throw circus objects at the player from the central podium), "Pirate's Revenge" (Pirates throwing cannonballs from the middle), or "Medieval Wipeout" (Knights hurling tomatoes and lettuce from the podium). Another round called "Bruiseball" is used in some episodes which has the contestants have to cross 4 obstacles in the shape of a Baseball field.

Generally only those who will pass the first round are introduced, and a nickname is assigned that is used throughout the game.

However, during the "Wipeout Zone", the show takes an epic and serious turn, with the humor dialed down, and serious background music instead of its lighthearted theme music.

In episode 4 (Baby It's Blob Outside), The 7-Letter Word featured a person in a polar bear costume scaring contestants on the "P".

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