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Phoenix and Teilz began dating last November, but haven't been photographed together recently. News claims they heard Phoenix is still dating Allie Teilz to this day. Does that mean they're not together, or he's just camera shy?A recent interview Phoenix did with Playboy raises more questions.The handsome actor admits he is finding the dating game a problem because women meet him for the first time and already claim to know everything about him because they've seen him on TV or read about him.He is quoted in Scotland's Daily Record newspaper as saying: "I met a girl recently and we were out at dinner and suddenly she announces, 'I'm a vegan.' I knew she got the information from a magazine and thought that she should say it so we had something in common.'I felt an extreme disconnect with the world because everyday there would be a huge arena show and so many people involved who would build this thing up and then I’d watch them build it down and it would be like it never existed.' Cute couple: The Hollywood star didn't seem at all bothered about going public with their new relationship as they enjoyed lunch and a spot of sightseeing with director friend James Gray and his family They even dress the same! Nope, far from it, but apparently no one told that to Joaquin Phoenix.

Hmm, funny that a guy who loves to create his own hoaxes on late night television tries to avoid "public awareness." Another interesting aspect of that statement though is where he says, "Now we have the experience of walking down Melrose Avenue." Who is the "we" in that statement?

According to a report from , Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix were seen quite coupled up at Cannes while attending the film festival in the south of France this past week.

Making their awards ceremony debut on the closing night of the festival, the couple sat next to each other throughout the night., neither of the actors had publicly commented on the nature of their relationship until now.

Actors falling for their co-stars is not a new phenomenon, but they still manage to surprise us from time to time.

Some we can see coming from a mile away, but we can honestly say that we were not expecting this one.

Could it be Teilz, since she's referenced in that question? Here's my conclusion: No one knows the answer except Phoenix.

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