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Pete It’s a tie for #2 – The Tampa Eagle moved 3 times & Baxters moved 3 times. It was started my Rebecca in 1999 * Started as “Chrome @ Mellenium 2000” at 901 Franklin * The lease ended at the beginning of 2000 so they moved to Club XS across from the Conevention Center * In June of 2000 they moved back to 901 Franklin and was called “Chrome @ Club 901” Sometime in 2001, 3 guys took over, one of the guys was George (don’t remember his last name or the other guys) and moved back to Club XS * in 2002 it moved locations again and changed Promotions hands a few more times after that. Cheshire Cat, Kats, Puzzles, Vaughan’s Box Office, Twins, Sharp A’s & now Peppers. “Ms Kennedy is coming” What was the police vice squad motto in the 1950’s & 1960’s? Goode” has performed at 100 Clubs & is still going strong & is still remembering more! J’s (Jacksonville), Apple’s Way, Artie’s North and Artie”s South (WPB), Backroom Bar, Backstreet, Baxter’s, Bedrocks, B.

Anything from 2002 to the time it closed in 2004, ask Steve Donahue as I was already living in Denver and he used to tell us of some of the stofries from when he was the Promoter for Chrome Chatr with ya soon!! “Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell” What Performer has performed at the most Gay or Lesbian Clubs in Florida? G’s(WPB), BJ’s, Bleachers (WPB), Blue Jeans, Blue Lagoon, Bobbie V’s, Bo’s Coral Reef (Jacksonville), Borders, Bottom Line (Fort Meyer), BT’s, Cellar Pub (Homosassa), Cherokee Club, Cherry Grove(Miami), Cheshire Cat, Christopher Street (Sarasota), City Lights, Club Chada (Sarasota), Club Caribbean,(Fort Lauderdale), Connection(Ocala), Copa (Tampa), Cove, David’s, Detours ( St.

************ I wanted to add to your answer on the Trivia … The KIKIKI wins moved 3 times & open one satellite in St. Chaps, Copa, Spectrum, The Saint, Benders, Club de Nile What was the code word bartenders used at the gay bars for a possible police raid?Golden Anchor Located in Tampa at Hesperdes & Kennedy Golden Arrow, The Located at 10604 Gandy Blvd. Very popular patio and home to a number of gay organizations. by Thom Lewis In Town Lounge 105 Garden Ave, Clearwater, very cruisy Jack’s 809 On Pass-a-grille. The Hurricane, a well known straight restaurant bar now stands in it’s place. We would then drive over to Jacks on the beach, close the bar, and then sleep on the beach. Jungle, The Located at 3703 Henderson Blvd., Tampa See “The Cove” Katzz In St. Keith’s Garage Located in north Tampa today it’s called “Keith’s Bar” Kim’s Club Located on Kennedy Ave. Kitty’s See “Engine Room” KIKIKI 1, 2, 3, 4 The oldest Gay Bar in Town!!! Today it’s still owned by Caesar the brother of Rene Rodriguez who owned “Rene’s” on Kennedy.Memory: Sue, my aunt’s partner, e-mailed me: I wrote a blurb about Jack’s 809 in the early 70’s when I bartended there…….that’s the bar I “came out” in……. Pete Beach….air during the day and “mixed”……gay at night…….to be buzzed in……”Joy to the World” was the first song I danced to with another woman…….. Sundays Pass A Grille was the place all the guys went to the beach. First opened downtown Tampa next to the bus station. Knotty Pine, The One of the first Gay bars opened in the 50’s in Tampa. One of the little hottie waiters was flirting with him, and he was flirting back, which kinda pissed me off. I was living on Clearwater Beach when that place was open, and walked in one night only to find some guy who also lived in my building there.So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.Tampa Bay “LGBTA Bars That Were” A GLBT Community Pride Project “Bars That Were” 244 & Counting Pride is a time to reflect.

Thank you for bringing such wonderful memories to mind. MC Film & Manny did a Billy Doll coming out party here. Chaps Was a country western bar originally located in Pinellas Park on 49th Street. “Coppa”, “Spectrum,” “The Saint”, “Benders”, “Club de Nile” Cherokee Club Located at 1320 E 9th Ave in Ybor. Changed to 1470 Club 2606 In 1988 it changes owners & became “2606” that it is today. The bartenders said, ” Miss Kennedy was on the way.” This was in reference to what some thought President Kennedy might be gay and was the gay reference to being raided. Grand Central Station Located at 2612 central Ave., St. Today it’s called “Pulse” Gus N’ Lil’s Owned by the original owners of “Knotty Pine” on Henderson. Dwayne Impressions Dance club Impulse (Same name two different Clubs & owners years apart.) Originally located on the first floor of “Spurs” in Ybor.

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