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Roger, you consistently show yourself to be less pro-Palestinian and more anti-Israel. Waters, I am sick of watching you use social media to berate musicians for touring in Israel.Music is about building bridges and not erecting walls.And who can forget your claim – in United Nations testimony, no less – that Hamas desires "permanent peace with Israel.” Have you not read the Hamas charter calling for complete annihilation of Israel?

And yet you have no intention of stopping, having recently lashed out against Jon Bon Jovi for his concert in Israel.But for Toronto Police to originally suggest on Dec.15 that there was no sign of forced entry into the Shermans’ Old Colony Rd.TORONTO — Could a killer of Apotex billionaire philanthropists Honey and Barry Sherman have obtained a key to their mansion through a realtor’s lock box stationed on one of the home’s doors?Could the Shermans – Barry, 75, and Honey, 70 – have just simply opened the door of their home, which was up for sale, for a delivery person? “There are 100 possibilities of how one enters a home without evidence of forced entry,” family lawyer Brian Greenspan said Tuesday.

Why aren't you concerned with the Assad regime's murdering of hundreds of thousands of Syrians with chemical weapons – a casualty count 10 times higher than the combined total of deaths in all the Arab-Israeli wars combined.

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