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I know this because in my far past, while I was in college, I sold encyclopedias, cookware, and a number of other things door-to-door to pay for tuition and books.

Plus later I also went door-to-door presenting my church's beliefs.

He left the church after a lifetime of belonging because he could no longer abide by this strict code of relationship conduct.

Still, even now, his past association with the Jehovah Witness ways inhibits a freer expression, and is a source of mental aguish, during his current dating activity (he and his Jehovah Witness wife divorced about five years ago).

However, that being said, I do have a lot of respect for them.

It takes courage to go door-to-door with their religion.

Not an ex-Jehovah Witness myself, however I do read their literature and have many of their books reaching all the way back to the 1950's. They do put their own slant on the information and sometimes take things out of context and change mainstream Biblical interpretation to substantiate their points of view.

The point is, JW's SHOULD be allowed to read the founding fathers, since considering they quote them in JW literature, there should be no reason it's considered "anti-JW" material. just let them read it for themselves and it will all be very obvious... I still hold some of the beliefs to heart, but after being a JW for so long, and seeing all that a person does as a long time member, things swept under the rug, not to question, how that 3 men, (elders) can decide if a person is repentant or not is just wrong.

If I was ever to go back now, I would be a hypocrite as I could not put faith in how things are done.

The Bible I trust, but the man made organization, ANY organized religion I choose to never have a part of again.

They decided to start requiring that people not question any of their teachings, and not to even research other beliefs and stuff because looking at materials that aren't JW published is made akin to being in league with the devil and puts your salvation in jeopardy.

So it's tough speaking to a JW because they aren't allowed to consider anything you say, for fear of being booted and thinking they will lose favour with God. If you ever have a JW come to your door, ask that they read the founding fathers (of the early Christian Church).

I was dfed for being involved with a pretend JW, who was a con artist. I was told I was not repentant and 3 years of doing all the things expected, attending meetings, reading, praying, studying, witnessing to others...time after time I was told I was still not repentant.

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