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e – is officially heading to BBC One this month, and it sounds pretty intriguing.

The live music show will be produced by James Corden's production company Fulwell 73, and hosted by Radio 1 DJ Greg James and 1 Xtra's Dotty, along with a mystery celebrity guest who will add their own twist to proceedings.

Even though he loves his mother, he usually goes to Sam or Claudia since they raised him until he was four.

He has dyslexia, which the doctors think may have been a result of his premature birth.

He is arrogant and always wants to prove his talents, mostly involving sports.

He still can remember Lucky and Elizabeth, but doesn't know about their role in everything that happened seven years ago.

After waking up from his coma, he had a new perspective on life. She went to college to become a teacher and now homeschools the kids. She is trying to be a good mother, but feels bad when her son turns to her sister or stepmother instead of her.

She has a boyfriend named Nico who is a good, Russian boy that her family approves of. She looks up to her older brother and is closest to him out of her siblings. Her parents were thrilled to have a daughter after Dominic. She is best friends with Isabella, Josslyn, Addie, and Clay. The six-part series from BBC Television Centre will include special performances, topical entertainment, comedy sketches and a "smorgasbord" of the very best in live music.As well as Derulo, Charlie Puth and Jessie Ware will be performing in the first episode, which includes a sketch featuring Foo Fighters legend Dave Grohl too.

The son of Elizabeth and Zander; adopted by Sam and Jason.

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