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The number of young Japanese men and women wanting to get married has seen a sharp decline, reveals a new study.

What are the reasons behind this trend and how is it impacting society? Looking back, Makoto Watanabe wishes he had gotten married in his early 30s, but he admits back then he had neither the job security nor the financial resources to support a wife and family.

"The older I get, the busier I also seem to get and there are fewer and fewer opportunities to meet 'the one'," he told DW.

"Now I have my career and I'm comfortably off, but I certainly have regrets that I did not marry when I had a chance when I was younger." Watanabe's plight is identical to that of thousands of young Japanese men and women, who are unable to find a partner due to any one of a number of reasons, although the largest obstacles remain an inadequate salary to support a family and punishing work schedules limiting opportunities to interact with the opposite sex.

"More than half of single women want their spouses to earn at least four million yen (33,794 euros, ,270) a year," the report said.

"Meanwhile, only 15.2 percent of single men in their 20s earn four million yen or more.

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"There are many people who want to get married but they simply cannot take on the financial burden of a family," he said.

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"This gap seems to be one of the reasons for more people not marrying at all or marrying late," it concluded.

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