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This does mean a lot of this is pretty contrived, with social plots dominating the first season and in the second the usual moral parables about 'getting too big for your boots but coming out of it stronger with more humility'.As you can imagine, many 'lessons are learned' and most story lines seem to exist for this purpose only, so the lead character can search within himself and become a better person.It even manages to be genuinely humorous at times, especially with the character of Indira, played with a lot of spark by the promising Millie Gibbons.On the whole, though, it just feels too predictable and wooden at times for me to rate it really highly.When word got out that acclaimed Nashville artist Jamey Johnson was recording a tribute album to beloved songwriter Hank Cochran, musical superstars clamored to participate.

It manages to highlight issues like absent fatherhood, anger management and jealousy in a way that most idealistically sunshine filled kids television does not.“Everybody got to pick their own songs, so for me, it was just as much a journey as it was for anybody else involved,” Johnson reports.“I thought I’d heard all of Hank’s songs, and I hadn’t heard anything.” Johnson is quick to praise the efforts of co-producer Buddy Cannon, who worked with co-producer Dale Dodson to recruit artists and explore Cochran’s vast catalog.There are definitely some positive things to be said about this.It is certainly as well meaning as you might expect from the militantly left wing BBC, and in a way that doesn't feel too corny or weigh the story down.

Jamie Johnson is a 12 year old boy who dreams of becoming a famous footballer.

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