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” “After yesterday, I’m not certain I could even walk much, let alone get the big boy up for action! I think you could fuck all day every day for the next ten years! ” Bonnie said, holding my hand while she said this. And, well…, she’s really horny and in need of some hard cock. As I stood at the bottom of the stairs a velvety voice said, “I’m in here!

And believe you me, I’ve loved every minute I’ve spent with you. Amy and Diane appeared in the kitchen, wiping the sleep out of their eyes and trying hard to fully wake up. “Marcia is a distant relative whose boyfriend is in Iraq. Just drive to the back of the house and park there. ’ As I entered I could smell the scent of candles burning somewhere.

I grabbed my coffee and we went out back into the screened-in porch. As I approached the door a little note said to ‘Come on in, the door is unlocked!

After twenty minutes, give or take a few, Diane came back into the house and wagged her finger at me to follow her. I turned down the long dirt driveway and parked where Diane said I ought.

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She opened the door and there stood Marcia Phillips, a neighbor down the road and a distant relative by marriage. She was easily a 34DD with a thin waist and ‘just right’ hips. She and Diane went outside and were out there for quite a while talking. After getting a long good-bye kiss from my wife, I grabbed my toilet kit and headed down the road about a mile.

I emptied stream after stream of hot cum inside of her as Marcia screamed out in pure pleasure. About five minutes later I was back to full staff and ready for more. She put her arms around my neck and jumped up and encircled me with her legs. She lay back while my cock was still imbedded and simply said, “More!When we all returned from the lake we were exhausted. Her hands wandered down to my cock and gave it a gentle squeeze and asked, “Is he ready for another good day today, hmmmm? You’re young, healthy, and you have what I’d call a big libido. While I’m here I want a full dose of you and that beautiful cock of yours! She just got word that her boyfriend will remain deployed for another ten months. I could see shadows on the wall of the darkened basement dancing as the lights of the candles flickered. Bonnie was already up in the kitchen making coffee when I made my way to the cabinet to get a cup. Bonnie came up behind me and wrapped her arms around me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. You know how to let a woman experience pleasure before you experience your own. Yours is the only cock other than his that I’ve experienced in my life and I must say that you’ve certainly grown on me. We all had our hugs and kisses when Diane asked, “Well, what are the plans for today? ” “I don’t know, mom, but it’s going to be pretty hard to top yesterday. She moved back into her parent’s home while they are gone for the summer to Alaska. A door to the basement was ajar and a post-it note was on it which read “come downstairs.” As I made my way down the long staircase the scent of the candles was stronger.Ak túžite po čo najintenzívnejším zážitku, preberte ponuku kategórie POV porno videá, čo sú erotické scény a sex, snímané kamerou z vlastného pohľadu.Zapadnete teda priamo do deja, čo viac si môžete priať?

After she said that she leaned in and gave me a searing, mind-blowing kiss. I know Bonnie really needs you, but Marcia also needs you more. ” It took a moment for my eyes to get adjusted to the darkened room and when I did I saw Marcia standing in the middle of room in a sheer nightgown.

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