Is kim kardashian dating miles austin

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They called it quits in September 2010, with sources say their crazy schedules made dating too difficult.There's no question about it: Kim Kardashian has a thing for football players.

Kim and Reggie had talked about marriage a couple of times before, and look how that ended up. And even though cameras captured their steamy kiss on the Fourth of July weekend, Kim told me she's taking it slow with her Dallas Cowboy. Despite a source who said he wouldn't be on the show, Miles Austin does indeed appear in season five of the hit series.Hope he likes hearing how great it’d be to have a baby just like Kourtney every other word until he eventually gives in or gets a back-alley vasectomy. According to reports, the 29-year-old star is now linked to Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin, 25, and the two are "officially dating." "They met at a restaurant in L. a few months ago and exchanged numbers and have been talking ever since," a source close to the couple told

I've jumped from one to the next and they're always for years, never short," she said, according to

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