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babe) and her boyfriend Bradley Cooper (Oscar nominee, handsome devil) have been having sex so they decided to do the world a favor and make a beautiful baby together. Usually having a hard time getting a seat on the subway commute to work. Wearing lingerie in her second trimester and still able to march her pins down the runway looking tanned and shiny and spectacular in some kind of silky tasseled jacket and a thong, which to Irina equals maternity clothes.

And proving she's no mere mortal, Irina used her bodily superpowers to be pregnant . Another baby-concealing look consisted of a trench coat over a blue push-up bra. As people gawked and questioned how a stomach could actually protrude, instead of look like a washboard (the likes of which they've never seen), NASA scientists called an emergency meeting to determine whether she was with child or with carbs.

PHOTOS: 10 Stars Who Are Notorious For Dating Models Still, she has not allowed the breakup to keep her down too long.

According to reports, she has already moved on with another man — a British model by the name of Stephen James, and the two even celebrated her 30th birthday together back on Jan. “It’s early days but they are being real rocks to each other and think the other is – understandably – gorgeous,” a source revealed.

He is one of Tinseltown's most respected actors, while she is one of the most attractive models in the world – and both have recently come out of long-term relationships. Bradley, 40, and Irina, 29, have apparently known each other for a long time after being introduced by mutual friends, and have been "hanging out" for a while.

“They spent Christmas together in LA but arguments started, mainly centering around the fact Irina and Bradley’s mum weren’t getting on very well.” Bradley Cooper & Irina Shayk Dating Kiss Photos While the ladies were once close, over time, they began to butt heads.

Here she hides the heavenly child with a strategically placed stuffed polar bear arm. I will be 31 in January, so maybe soon it will be my perfect time.

I don't know - time will tell." Or your Victoria's Secret getup will.

Post-show, while all the slender ladies donned more lingerie and silken robes, Irina appeared in her version of a muumuu, a ,200 Givenchy number designed for housecleaning and cleaning up cat hair. "My father was married to my mother for more than 20 years and, yes, definitely one day I want to have a family because that is the most important thing on this earth," she said. I think it's more important to have the right person by your side.

In other words, it was an empire cut which hid her midsection. that she knows she must procreate because of her genes. My sister had her baby when she was 22, and for her that was the perfect time.

Moreover, I would say Im a positive and enthusiastic person.

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