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Edit by @Kegsay : If your comment has a party popper then congrats! 2017-01-11 status update by @Kegsay : Over the past few months we've encountered various fun and exciting failure modes with our existing set of IRC bridges.

For example, we got invite spammed from IRC which resulted in #309 , we need to resolve the issue of idle users on the matrix side (#340 , #304 ), we needed to scale our startup times ( #308 ), allow people to persist Nick Serv passwords ( #251 ), prevent Nick Serv/Chan Serv/etc from being rate-limited on the matrix-side ( #246 ), etc.

General status update: I'm generally happy with the state the IRC bridge is in currently.

It's not perfect by any means (as the 100 open issues will attest), but I'm not aware of any critical bridge-destroying bugs out there anymore.

It no longer runs on the same computer as an IRC server, because of denial of service attacks that cost me hundreds of dollars.

Summary: Right now we're not letting people bridge to arbitrary networks of their choice, but curating the bridges we set up (in order to ensure that we connect at scale to those networks in a way that doesn't upset them, and get permission first, setup I:lines etc, add the networks to Riot's official etc).

(I shared it back then too somewhere after asking if it was ok) It's from IRCnet #ircnet.

The eu.irc6(ipv6 only) operator uepsie can be contacted on ircnet, and irc.(ipv4 and ipv6 support) operator BR likewise. And with IRCnet you can just have a deal with one of the server operators, preferably one of above that allow users from anywhere around the world.

Folks: if you have particular networks you want bridged, please add them here.If there is enough interest I would be willing to expand it to all geekshed channels and move it to a more permanent home: #jupiterbroadcasting:Also thanks to @lukebarnard1 for his help during setup. Anyway, the "top" 10, not already listed here, that have MANY users: Undernet, Rizon, Ch Lame, IRC-Hispano, DALnet, Oltre Irc, Explosion IRC, Abjects, P2P-NET, Game Surge The more people connected via Matrix, the better. post in alphanumeric order, first already bridged, then the hopefuls, which should be easier for all, as the list grows.Here is a comprehensive list, alphabetical: That page contains a link within the same site, which ranks it's "Top 100" IRC networks that are "competitive". One "selling point" is that if they come over to the Matrix side, they do NOT need a "bouncer" (BNC/ZNC)!!! Also, maybe some IRCOps/Sys Admins might like control of their own Matrix server instance, or not. According to wikipedia, IRCnet is the #2 largest network. I have been asking about IRCnet aswell.So let's have an official backlog here for the networks that folks want to be connected to.Ones i've already heard about are: indicates the network has IPv6 support (or at least advertising on IPv6 addresses).

We're going to need to think about how to resolve these issues so we can scale out networks in a sustainable way. since those days the bridge has got way better fwiw, and even has a manhole for realtime introspection and debugging (but in general one should never need to do so, unless dealing with something huge like FN) I recently switched to using matrix for my IRC needs.

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