Invalidating your

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This is one of the most hurtful ways you're invalidating your partner.

You are expressing that you don't take them seriously and their feelings are insignificant.

In order to be in a happy and healthy relationship, you and your partner should have open communication and be respectful to one another.

A partnership is dependent on give and take and treating each other as equals.

If you don't trust your partner enough and feel you need to read their texts and emails to know what is going on in their life you probably should not be with them.

Letting go isn't easy but it might be time to move on.

This is an awful approach to handling a disagreement with your partner because you are bringing up old events to haunt them.

Sometimes it is best for the past to stay in the past.

If you do not give your partner the appropriate privacy they deserve then you are invalidating them and not treating them as an equal.

Are the people around you invalidating you and holding you back from progressing?

Invalidation is an element of toxic relationships, and I’m going to discuss both today.

Getting the cold shoulder is extremely frustrating and can be avoided with open communication.

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