Internet dating and pedifiles

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And the funeral home found cuts on her body, indicating that she had been cutting herself.But nothing prepared the family for an online conversation they discovered on Sydney's smartphone.

When a similar case with national reach turned up the following year, the FBI realized it was onto an alarming new trend: sexual exploitation of children via the Internet. In 1995, the FBI created its Innocent Images National Initiative (IINI).A decade ago, a 10-year-old boy disappeared from his Brentwood, Maryland, neighborhood.Within weeks, the investigation would uncover two pedophiles and a larger ring of online child pornographers."And if you're a young teenaged girl and you don't have a boyfriend and you're not liking your body too much and some guy starts talking to you online and tells you how beautiful you are and starts saying things to you, you're probably going to follow that trail," she said.CBN Technology Contributor Caleb Kinchlow said parents need to realize that their teens are living in an entirely different world through social media.

"It was such a shock that I opened the door and I said, 'Sydney, that is not a funny practical joke,'" she explained. "We went to mass, really proud that that was her first day as an altar server. "She's in the robe, and she's going to be up on the altar.

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